Baarsma Wines introduces the first alcohol free Frizzante: Canei Frizzante Orginale 0.0% alcohol free Bianco Fresco 75cl.

Canei Frizzante Originale 0% is the alcohol-free refreshing Italian drink from the wine shelf. Fresh, tasty and elegant. The answer in the wine category for the non-alcoholic beer, ciders and radler. With this product we meet the increasing demand for refreshing non-alcoholic drinks with a dash of elderflower.

  • The ideal refreshing drink in the wine trade.
  • The alcohol-free alternative in the wine sector.
  • The answer to alcohol-free beer mix, cider and beer in the wine trade.


Canei Frizzante Originale Bianco Fresco 0% alcohol free is available in a 75cl bottle and a trade unit of 6 bottles.


Water, grape juice, grape sugar, white grape juice, carbon dioxide, tartaric acid, lactic acid, natural flavourings, vitamin C. Preservatives: potassium sorbate, natrium benzoate. Stabiliser (citric acid).

Canei Alcohol free contains 0.0% alcohol.

Best served at 7 °C.

Ideal at any time of day, especially as an aperitif.

Available in 75 cl bottles.