Canei focuses on the new generation

Canei, the popular Italian frizzante from the seventies, has undergone a huge metamorphosis and this week it has officially launched its new frizzante line, which fits with the wishes of the new generation.


With the renewed Frizzante Originale, Canei is focusing on people who consciously choose NOLO: no and low alcohol. For the category of no alcohol, Canei is now 0.0% alcohol-free. Hendra Satriasaputra, marketing manager of Canei: “People are much more engaged with their health and as well as less alcohol they also want a drink with less calories. This was the reason for Canei to reinvent the brand completely and to develop a new range of frizzantes. The new Canei (7% alcohol) only contains 57.9 Kcal per 100 ml and the 0.0% 31 Kcal per 100ml. The taste of Canei has also been adapted to the wishes of the new generation. The new frizzantes only contain natural aromas.”


Canei is one of the first, popular frizzantes from Italy. ‘Frizzante’ is the Italian word for lightly-sparkling. In order to make a drink sparkling in a natural way, a second fermentation of the product is required. This can be done in various ways, such as the Méthode Charmat which is used for the production of Canei. With this method, the second fermentation takes place in a sealed pressure tank. In this way, a lovely, high-quality bubble develops. Frizzante has an alcohol percentage of 5-7% and therefore fits perfectly with the NOLO trend. In comparison: spumante, which undergoes a longer fermentation, has an alcohol percentage of 10-11%.


Canei Frizzante Originale was first produced in 1975 by Luigi Bosca in Canelli, a small town located in the hills of Piemont, Northern Italy. The name came from Canelli, which is pronounced in the regional dialect as ‘Canei’. It was one of the first popular frizzantes in Italy. This was very soon picked up in the Netherlands, where Canei grew to become a well-known frizzante brand. Canei Frizzante Originale is seen as the precursor to the prosecco trend which flooded our country in the nineties.

Renewed Canei

The renewed Canei is a fresh, low alcohol frizzante, made on the basis of grapes from Piemont, which only contains natural colours and aromas. The new packaging with a metallic label fits with the festive drinking moment of frizzante. The design has been based on the Italian fashion and lifestyle. The mastiff, the dog from the coat of arms of Canelli, is an important element on the bottle.

Serving tips

Canei is available as frizzante with 7% alcohol. As well as Bianco Fresco, with a hint of elderflower, it is also available in the flavours Frutti di Bosco, Pompelmo Rosa (pink grapefruit) and Pesca Gustosa (peach). Especially for frizzante drinkers who do not want to or cannot drink any alcohol, Bianco Fresco is also available in a 0.0% version. Canei Bianco Fresco is drunk chilled, for instance with lemongrass and a slice of lime and is very suitable for cocktails. Canei is available both in the catering sector and various supermarkets.


Raspberry Bellini

– 1 teaspoon of raspberry sorbet

– 125ml Canei Bianco Fresco


Scoop a teaspoon of raspberry sorbet into a chilled flute. Carefully pour Canei Bianco Fresco into the glass.


Ginger Spritz

– 20ml ginger beer

– 50ml dry vermouth

– 100ml Canei Bianco Fresco

– Orange wedge


Fill a wine glass with ice and leave to stand for a few moments. Pour out the melted ice and add the ingredients. Carefully stir through and garnish with an orange wedge.


Classico Frizzante Cocktail

– 1 cube of honeycomb

– splash of Campari

– 125ml Canei Bianco Fresco


Place the cube of honeycomb in a coupe and add a splash of Campari. Let it stand for a few moments and then top up with Canei Bianco Fresco. 


Frizzante Originale

– 125ml Canei Bianco Fresco 0.0%

– slice of lime

– piece of lemongrass (5cm)