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Pioneers from Boornbergum

Although Baarsma Wines was not officially registered as a private company with the Frisian Chamber of Commerce until 2005, it already had a long and proud history. It all started on 1 April 1977, the day on which Sip Baarsma and Peter Wagenaar set up Baarsma's Dranken, agencies, wholesale and commission trade in wines on a small scale in an attic in Boornbergum.
Two years later, this attic was swapped for the current location on the outskirts of Gorredijk, near the A7 motorway.

Starting with only one exclusive contract with a large wine producer from the Bordeaux, the small basis expanded rapidly. More French suppliers followed, but Baarsma Wines also achieved a foothold in Germany and Portugal. The range of wines was constantly expanded, as was the customer base. This growth was based primarily on a strong focus on personal relations management. Business relations, both on the purchase and sales side, were mainly seen as 'friends' and were treated as such. Result: once you did business with Baarsma Wines, you continued to do business with Baarsma Wines. The business acumen and positive outlook of the founders can still be seen in present-day Baarsma Wines.

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