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Food Service

As an expert and market leader in the Dutch wine market, Baarsma Wines is the best contact for your organisation. In Gorredijk, the home base for the entire Baarsma organisation, all expertise in the area of food service, export, retail, marketing, finance, bookkeeping and logistics is brought together. It is the same location where founders Sip Baarsma and Peter Wagenaar started to shape their ideas and ambitions in the late seventies. Now, many cellar years later, we are more than happy to let you enjoy our balanced range of beautiful wines: brand wines, private labels for your house wines, exclusive wine houses and much more.

Baarsma Wines does not supply directly to the catering industry. After all, that is your job. However, we do try to support your success in the catering industry, working with you as your wine partner. Baarsma Wines strives for durable relationships and does everything to create a win-win situation with you.

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