Prince d'Orange

Prince d’Orange is a southern French wine, sunny and fruity, harkening back to the Golden Age, a glorious time in Dutch history when Willem I, hero of the Dutch independence, acquired the Principality of Orange. The title “Prins van Oranje” has been carried by the royal heads of the Netherlands ever since.

Orange is now the national color of the Netherlands, the vibrant shade seen on sports jerseys and festival accessories at events like the Olympics, the World Cup or national Dutch holiday King’s Day. And this wine captures that color’s spirit – full of fiery but friendly pride and joy – while also recalling the sun and warmth of the Vaucluse Principauté d’Orange IGP, a colorful part of the Vaucluse production area that’s beloved by tourists.

Enjoy your Prince d’Orange with a moment of silence, a tribute to William the Silent (the nickname of Willem I) as well as a moment to reflect on the culture, history and southern sunshine swirling in your glass.

Orange Rose


The Principality of Orange, located at the southern end of the Rhône valley, was founded in 1163. It became part of the house of Orange-Nassau when William I, hero of the Dutch independence movement, was consecrated Prince of Orange in 1544. Ever since, the title of Prince of Orange has been carried by the sovereigns of the Netherlands.

This heritage lives on in not only the royal family but also the Dutch people, who dress in orange to celebrate national holidays and sporting events.


Prince d’Orange is, first and foremost, a wine of the Vaucluse Principaute D’Orange, imbued with all the charms of Southern France: sun, fun, relaxation, nature and the warmth of the Mediterranean climate and the people who inhabit it. Add extra conviviality to your summer terrace time when you share the rosé with friends, or pair its red brother with grilled meats and other Mediterranean delights at your next BBQ.

Prince d’Orange offers history in a bottle, merging Mediterranean sunshine with the Dutch spirit to add zest to any occasion. Wherever you are in the world, Prince of Orange wines will transport you. Bring your favorite travel companions.


The Principauté d’Orange IGP is a sub-appellation of the Vaucluse and Provence IGP classifications. The vineyards are based around the historical city of Orange in the Southern Rhône, in the northwest of the department of Vaucluse. Located not far from big brother Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the Principauté d’Orange IGP benefits from the rocky soils surrounding the Rhône River, which give its wines a beautiful mineral touch. The area produces mostly red wines and a minority of white and rosé. Most of the wines are “vins d’assemblage” (blends) based on southern French varietals like Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault, which combine fruity expression with elegance.

Winner of two gold medals during the prestigious contest Gilbert & Gaillard 2016/2017, our red Vaucluse Principauté d’Orange IGP comes from a clay and silicon soil. It’s a blend of Grenache (70%) with Syrah, Caladoc and Carignan (30%). It has a cherry-red color with purple hints and a palate of red fruits.

Our rosé IGP Vaucluse comes from comparable soils. A blend of Grenache (70%) with Syrah and Cinsault (30%), it is a balanced wine with intense red-fruit aromas and a beautiful freshness. Winner of various gold medals in Avignon (2015) and during the Gilbert & Gaillard contest (2016/2017).

The wines of Prince d'Orange