Bringing wine to life

With our experienced and passionate group of craftspeople we provide a full service solution from vineyards to the consumer. With our worldwide logistics network and sourcing, we can offer the best wines all around the world. Baarsma Wines has an extensive portfolio of global brands, 3rd party brands, private label brands and innovative concepts. With our leading bottling company we can serve every wine lover and we bring wine to life.

Fine Wines

Tastes differ. Here at Baarsma Wines, we understand that better than anyone. That is why we can help you with the entire gamut of wines. From a batch from a top international wine producer to a customised blend, bottled and packaged as a private label, and from a sea container to a single case. Quality and tailored solutions are key to everything we do because your wine is what makes us tick.


Working on vineyard

Bringing ideas to life

The best sourcing and optimum planning reliability – to keep our promise, we secure direct access to the best sources all around the world for the long-term. That is why we place emphasis on vertical integration with consistent quality standards around the world and are constantly on the lookout for best grapes. After all, nature is our most versatile supplier, allowing us to provide what consumers want.

Using customer needs and quality sourcing as our starting point, we always go one step further to create true added value for customers and consumers. We at Baarsma Wines pave the way for turning grapes into amazing wines.

Partners in wine

At Baarsma Wines we have been collaborating for years with retailers, companies in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector and the wine merchants. We are helping with seeking out and supplying specific wines to off-licences or blending a private label wine for a chain of supermarkets. Transparency is always a key element in the collaboration. We share our knowledge and enthusiasm with our partners.

Our Specialities

At Baarsma Wines we take care of the entire supply chain – from grape to glass. We are specialized in the sourcing and bottling of the wine and the development of the different concepts.






Concept & Brand Development

Our Wines

Because of our close co-operation with brand owners, Baarsma Wines is able to offer distinctive brands to the wine trade. Brands that have, without exception, an appealing story and a rich tradition in making wine. A selection of our wines can be found here.