Baarsma Wine Group Holding

Baarsma Wines is one of the business units of the Baarsma Wine Group. Baarsma Wine Group has adopted a decentralised management structure. The Group is organised into a Holding Company and Business Units. While the Holding Company focuses on M&A, strategic management and monitoring of the Group’s business activities, the Business Units work independent and are responsible for all activities in their respective market segments.

Baarsma Wine Group Holding

Since early July 2017, the Baarsma Wine Group is part of the French company InVivo.

About InVivo Wine

InVivo Wine was founded in June 2015, as the fourth pillar of InVivo, the leading French agri group. The division consists of a group of partners, investors and suppliers, including the first French wine cooperative Vinadeis (€308 million turnover), the Bordeaux companies Cordier and Mestrezat Grand Crus (€40 million turnover) and 23 members of cooperatives (3500 wine producers) . Together they represent a wine producing area of 25,000 hectares, including the regions of Bordeaux, southwest of France, Languedoc and Rousillon, the Rhône Valley and Beaujolais.  Main goal for the division: Building an unique global wine distributor – from all renowned regions – to countries that consume top wines.

Invivo wine

InVivo Group

InVivo is a leading French agricultural cooperative group founded in 1945 and is all about nourishing the world of tomorrow by cooperating in innovative ways that are good for agriculture, the planet and people. InVivo is organized around four fields of expertise: Agriculture, Animal Nutrition & Health, Consumer Retail, and Wine. The InVivo group represents 220 cooperatives, bringing together more than 300.000 farmers. The group has 9,200 employees in 31 countries. In 2015-2016 the group reported a turnover of €6.5 billion.

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