Anaëlle is a young woman from a traditional wine family who was brought up and educated in the Languedoc, in the South of France. Sharing the same adventurous spirit as her father Guillaume, she took the baton from him when he retired, but decided to run it her own way. She began to select her own grapes and make her own wines, generous and fruity, imbued with her spontaneity, cheerful imagination, and zest for life. Out of respect for the family tradition, Anaëlle did as her father did and gave her own name to these beautiful Pays d’Oc wines with a feminine touch.

Each wine reflects a different aspect of Anaëlle’s personality: a dry, fresh Sauvignon Blanc, ideal to toast the good life; a creamy, soft Chardonnay to dream away the day (or night), with an elegant nose of pineapple and kiwi; a generous and friendly Merlot that turns any wine moment into a party.

Lively and sure to spark conversation, choosing an Anaëlle wine is like hanging out with a fun new friend.

Anaëlle Merlot


You can’t talk about Anaëlle without mentioning her family, especially her father Guillaume, her main source of inspiration. Guillaume incarnates the spirit of the winemakers who incited the Languedoc’s quality revolution several decades ago. Breaking with traditional rules, he vinified the local varietals in a modern way, giving birth to modern, full-flavored Vins de Pays d’Oc.

Guillaume put all of himself into his first cuvée, which is why he gave this wine his name. He then taught his daughter everything he knew about winemaking. He taught her to always follow her heart, in life and in wine.

Advice that Anaëlle has been following with passion, in her own way.


Anaëlle stands for family heritage combined with modernity and vision. Her father Guillaume keeps on inspiring Anaëlle, but her wine is her own: bottled youth with a taste of freedom and renewal draped in elegance – this is translated through the grape selection, the winemaking and even the design of the bottle. The result is a cheerful wine dressed in noble simplicity.

Anaëlle wines can be shared with friends or paired with a variety of food; they add a friendly touch to any moment. And they have something else in common with the best wines from the Pays d’Oc:  they are more than affordable.

Anaëlle’s touching story and beautiful wine transports anyone who drinks it to the South of France.


Pays d’Oc is the IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) for red, white and rosé wines made across a wide stretch of the southern coast of France. The IGP corresponds roughly to the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region.

The Pays d’Oc IGP is the most important in France, producing the majority of the country’s IGP wines. This vast area features a range of terrains, from the southern mountain ranges of the Massif Central to the river-crossed coastal plains.

The Pays d’Oc area has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. However, there is a large variation of terroirs in this sizable region, and a long list of permitted grape varieties. Mediterranean grape varieties like Grenache and Cinsault are joined in the vineyards by more famous French varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Most Pays d’Oc wines are labeled varietally, a New World trend that has been incorporated into many IGP laws.

The wines of Anaëlle