Casa Morero

Casa Morero

The iron keys on top of this bottle unlock the doors of the Spanish Casa Morero. Enter a world where passion and desire rule, igniting dazzling romances. Surrender to a new wine sensation, unexpected flavors and tantalizing magical moments that tempt spontaneous celebration.

With wines following ancestral traditions and full of well-kept secrets, Casa Morero makes the heart beat faster. Each glass is a fresh discovery revealing the inner spirit of the Utiel-Requena area. The Roble offers exceptional intensity with a charming fruity and oaky character, the Crianza is sensual and fresh, the Reserva voluptuous and the Tempranillo-Bobal lively and appealing.

Each bottle beckons with tantalizing promises of romance. A wine to awaken intuition and revel in experience.

Casa Morero Tempranillo Bobal


Casa Morero is deeply anchored in the province of Valencia, and more precisely in the Utiel-Requena DO area.

Archaeological finds in ancient Iberian settlements show that grape growing and wine production in the area dates from at least the 7th century BC. In the 1st century BC, ancient Romans settled the area and introduced new winemaking techniques. The first written references to vineyards and wine in the area, however, date from the 15th century. The 17th and 18th centuries saw increases in both the local population and the area covered by vineyards. But it was the 19th century that was really the golden age for the Utiel-Requena area, as the number of vineyards increased even more, escaping the devastating effects of the phylloxera plague that ravaged most of the winemaking world – because they were planted with the Bobal grape variety, which is more resistant to the louse than other varieties.

Casa Morero benefits from this exceptional history, maintaining respect for the local traditions while adding its own special character to the story.


Casa Morero is a premium assortment of Spanish wines, offering everything from accessible everyday wines to high-end bottles for special occasions.

It is the casa for wine that’s full of Spanish flavor without costing a fortune, and there’s a wine for every wine moment – as an aperitif or to pair with tapas or haute cuisine – and for every season. With wines at three levels of increasing quality, featuring a range of varietals, anything is possible.

As soon as the wine hits the glass, it invites you on a sensual journey with a Latin flavor: adventure and passion wrapped in mystery.

Are you ready to enter Casa Morero?


Casa Morero is a Utiel-Requena wine, part of the Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines made this part of the province of Valencia. The DO takes its name from the two neighboring towns of Utiel and Requena and is renowned for its predominant use of the Bobal grape variety.

The soils of this region are dark in color with a high lime content, with good drainage and soil poor enough to push the vines to produce grapes with extra concentration.

The climate is continental with long, hot, dry summers and cold winters, but the wines are well adapted to this climate, which gets some relief in the form of Mediterranean influences from the nearby sea. The cool wind, known as the Solano, helps keep temperatures down.

Utiel-Requena wines may be made with the red Bobal, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes, while the authorized white varieties are Planta Nova (or Tardana), Macabeo, Merseguera, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Casa Morero stands for traditional winemaking, careful selection of the best grapes, long maturation in French and American oak and a typical Iberian style.

The wines of Casa Morero