Wicked Cricket

Wicked Cricket

On a warm, sunny day – while enjoying a glass of wine during a picnic with friends, perhaps – you’ll hear the cheerful song of the crickets. You’ll close your eyes, enjoying the moment…and suddenly you’ll hear something a little bit different: the cry of the Wicked Cricket, calling you to adventure.

Wicked Cricket is a funny little creature with like-minded cousins around the world – a family dedicated to good, generous wines. He sings in the vineyard, helping the grapes grow, and he sings while the winemakers make their wines to inspire them. Some say that he brings luck and happiness.

And because Wicked Cricket knows our vineyards like no one else, he will sing you the story behind each wine.

Wicked Cricket Merlot


Crickets are very special insects. Next to their jumping power, they are known for their loud, persistent chirping song, which males use to attract females. They are present all around the world, especially in sunny countries, where you can enjoy their song emanating from bushes, forests and, of course, vineyards.

Because of their eccentric look and behavior, crickets often appear as characters in literature and movies – think Charles Dickens’ guardian “Cricket on the Hearth” and, of course, the comical and wise Jiminy Cricket from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio.

All these inspirations have been blended together in our unique Wicked Cricket wines.


Wicked Cricket offers an international assortment of wines featuring popular varietals from around the world. Each bottle features an appealing illustration of our little cricket in different situations, always happy and always ready to put a smile on your face.

We chose the name Wicked Cricket because we liked the alliteration, but also because we associate crickets with sunny countries, with nature and vacation. We think it might be the most “human” of all insects. And our Wicked Cricket is a very special one: smart, silly and, above all, eager to share wine stories (and serving suggestions) with a song and a smile.

Wicked Cricket is meant for people who like to enjoy wine in a relaxed ambiance, with friends or paired with a meal…ideally outside, surrounded by singing crickets.


Wicked Cricket is multi-origin, he represents wines from all over the world. Our current selection comes from Chile, Australia and France.


Chile: Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon

The Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Central Valley, the main growing zone for Chilean wine, in the shadow of the Andes. The wine is dry and fruity, easy and fresh, with aromas of apple and passion fruit. The Cabernet Sauvignon is robust, a full-bodied wine with a round finish and soft aftertaste.


Australia: Chardonnay

Originating from South Australia, this Chardonnay shows mature tropical fruit aromas like mango, but also fresh citrus notes. It is smooth, fresh and full-bodied.


France: Merlot

A Pays d’Oc wine, originating from the Languedoc-Roussillon. It is intense yet softly rounded, with a taste of creamy cherries, soft spices and dried plum. Pleasant and accessible.

The wines of Wicked Cricket